What is a Saria Shattaf Bidet Spray?

The Saria Shattaf Bidet Spray is a must have device that cleans ones rectal and/or genital area by spraying a smooth and gentle spray of water to these areas. The Saria Shattaf Bidet Spray attaches to your existing toilet providing the same benefits as the expensive full size bidet unit found in many large and expensive homes.

Who can use a Saria Shattaf Bidet Spray?

Millions and millions of people around the world use a bidet or some type of water hose on a regular basis. They are used by men, women, and children. Perfect for all who care about their personal hygiene. These Saria Shattaf Bidet Sprays are perfect for the elderly and physically challenged.

How long does it take to install? 
Included in your order you will find everything you need and a full diagram with instructions to install this unit on a typical toilet in about 10 minutes.

Do I need to buy any other parts to install the Saria Shattaf Bidet Spray?

The Saria Shattaf Bidet Spray comes with everything you need to install on a typical toilet that has a 3/8" compression fitting outlet. About 95% of the homes in the U.S. come standard with a 3/4" CF toilet outlet, the other 5% come with a 1/2" outlet. You can buy the reducer at most plumbing stores or your local Home Depot. We do offer this part on our site as an option.

How durable is the Saria Shattaf Bidet Spray?
These Saria Shattaf Bidet Sprays found all over the world. These are not the low quality and cheap version sprayers made in China or Taiwan that leak and cause expensive damage. Our Shattafs/Bidet Sprays are found all over the world; from hotels, residential buildings, commercial buildings, etc.. Beware of cheap quality sprayers that could end up leaking or rupturing causing flood damage because of a cheap substitute choice. Why not buy something that is backed by HISTORY, QUALITY, and a NAME!

Why buy the Saria Shattaf Bidet Sprays over other bidets on the market?
If you do a search on google.com for Shattaf, you will see Saria Shattaf come up first in the MAIN search area. We did not have to PAY to get listed here, like our competitors do in the SPONSORED AREA to get to the top. Remember, the Saria Shattaf is the ORIGINAL Shattaf in the market, with over millions of units sold throughout the Middle East alone!

Tools required for installation?
The only tool needed to install our Saria Shattaf is an adjustable wrench.

How do you control the pressure?

The Saria Shattaf comes with a "T" style control valve to control the pressure to the sprayer. This way, the tank of the toilet fills quickly and water pressure to the hand spray is reduced to a lower pressure. Then you can use the built in hand trigger on the sprayer to reach the desired spray pressure.